Information Governance

Information Governance Challenges Organizations Face

Information is the lifeblood of every organization.  But managing and protecting information in today’s world, where information continues to grow exponentially in volume, increase in variety, and move with greater velocity, is extraordinarily challenging.  Organizations face countless information governance challenges—from challenges locating needed information for business or legal reasons to challenges posed by over-retention of information with no legal or business value.  Without the implementation of practical information governance strategies designed to leverage organization’s people, processes, and technology, organizations cannot meet their specific information governance challenges.  Non-compliance with regulatory requirements, including but not limited to data minimization obligations, records retention obligations, information disposition obligations, and recordkeeping obligations, can have significant legal consequences.  Poor information governance practices can also result in significant business costs.  Organizations need experienced, responsive, trusted counsel who can assist them in managing their specific information governance challenges.

How Fey LLC Helps Organizations Address Their Specific Challenges

We utilize our deep information governance experience, knowledge, and creativity to help our clients tackle their unique information governance challenges.  We understand that effective information governance requires a combination of people, processes, and technology.  We understand that effective information governance requires buy-in from executives and stakeholders throughout the organization and effective collaboration among employees working on the organization’s information governance initiatives.  And we understand the importance of developing an information governance program that individuals throughout the organization can understand and follow. 

We encourage our clients to step away from a siloed approach to information management and apply a holistic approach to information governance by involving stakeholders throughout the organization in developing and implementing a tailored, enterprise-wide information governance strategy. Taking into account their unique information practices, technologies, and cultures, we assist our clients in developing information governance programs that assist them in meeting their specific regulatory obligations and business needs.  We advise clients on information governance strategies that can be readily understood and followed throughout the organization.   

We help clients get more out of their data.  We assist clients in addressing their unique set of challenges in retaining, storing, transferring, securing, and disposing of data.  We help clients implement prospective and retrospective policies, procedures, and processes designed to eliminate their retention of data debris.  We assist clients with selecting and implementing technology solutions that will help them meet their regulatory obligations and demonstrate their regulatory compliance.  We train our clients’ employees on good information governance practices, including the importance and benefits of timely disposal of data.  As technologies, data collection practices and usage, and privacy and information-focused regulations evolve, our multi-disciplinary team has the background, expertise, and passion to stay ahead of the curve.

Fey LLC Service Offerings

Fey LLC offers clients a broad array of information governance assistance. We help our clients design and implement practical, cost-effective solutions designed to meet their unique information governance challenges.

Our specific offerings include:

  • Conducting information governance assessments and developing phased recommendations for improving their information governance practices
  • Drafting information governance policies, procedures, checklists, and workflows
  • Preparing e-mail, voicemail, and instant text messaging retention policies and strategies
  • Drafting international and country-specific records retention schedules
  • Counseling on regulatory reporting requirements
  • Providing information governance training and preparing FAQs covering specific information governance practices
  • Providing advice on legally compliant storage, transfer, and disposition of records and information
  • Advising on technology solutions to assist organizations in meeting their compliance obligations
  • Providing advice on data migration strategies
  • Giving guidance concerning conversion to a paperless enterprise
  • Providing decommissioning and media sanitization recommendations, procedures, and checklists
  • Conducting legacy information review and disposition processes for paper and electronic information
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