Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies

Artificial Intelligence Challenges Organizations Face

With the rapid expansion and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, companies must address a wide array of legal and ethical risks. The use of AI technologies requires access to large volumes of personal data, creating an ever-growing risk for organizations’ compliance with data privacy and protection laws and regulations, and with AI-related laws and regulations. In implementing AI and other emerging technologies, organizations must also consider a host of legal and business obligations and risks, including but not limited to intellectual property protection and infringement, antitrust, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and discrimination and bias. Organizations must also address evolving cyber security risks arising as cybercriminals increasingly utilize AI in their social engineering and cyberattacks and seek to breach AI systems containing treasure troves of corporate and/or personal data.

How Fey LLC Helps Organizations Address Their Specific Challenges

Fey LLC’s deep experience assisting companies in meeting a wide variety of global legal compliance obligations in the context of implementing a wide variety of evolving technologies, including AI technologies, enables the firm to help its clients identify and reduce risks arising from the implementation of AI technologies. Our deep experience and expertise in data protection and privacy, information governance, and technology contracts further assists us in providing our clients with practical, risk-reducing, cost-effective solutions to a host of AI-related challenges. We work closely with our clients to understand their usage of AI technologies and to provide and aid our clients in implementing best practices recommendations designed to address their unique legal obligations and reduce their specific legal and business risks, while taking into account the importance of maximizing the utility of their AI technologies and other emerging technologies.

Fey LLC Service Offerings

Fey LLC offers clients a broad array of AI-related service offerings. We help our clients design and implement practical, cost-effective solutions designed to meet their unique AI-related challenges.

Our specific offerings include:

  • Giving compliance guidance on laws directly and indirectly regulating AI
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts and contract terms for and with AI technology and other technology vendors
  • Preparing AI-related terms of service and provisions in client/customer agreements
  • Drafting corporate AI usage and governance policies, and preparing AI usage FAQs
  • Updating privacy notices and related forms
  • Providing advice to increase transparency and reduce risks of bias and discrimination relating to AI practices, including with respect to automated decision-making through AI
  • Giving advice to reduce risks of AI-related unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • Conducting data protection impact assessments
  • Providing professionals with advice on ethics rules compliance
  • Drafting and providing training concerning compliant usage of artificial intelligence technologies and emerging technologies
  • Providing training to reduce AI-related cybercrime risks
  • Assisting with AI-related privacy and security due diligence in mergers and acquisitions transactions
  • Assisting with AI-related legal disputes (e.g., AI discrimination lawsuits)
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