Will Kenney is a second-year law student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law (UMKC). He received a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas in 2016 and then stayed in Lawrence to complete a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Fiction (received 2020). A Kansas City native, Will returned from Lawrence to the KC area for law school. He lives in Overland Park with his wife, Hannah, and their dog, Waffle.


Will has worked as a law clerk at a boutique firm in the KC-area specializing in oil and gas litigation.

Will also joined the team at the legal startup Element Standard as an intern, where he contributed to the capital-raising, marketing, and product-refinement process.

Will is a project leader of the Route to Justice program at UMKC. Route to Justice is an Access to Justice project, bringing together the areas of law, data analytics, and design to make the Criminal Procedure system more accessible for defendants and the public. It also uses Machine Learning to make data-driven predictions about defendant outcomes for better research and more informed lawyering.

More About Will 

Will gave up on his lofty athletic goals early on and joined his high school debate team, where he debated competitively on the national circuit. He writes fiction in his free time and has had a handful of stories published in literary journals. He enjoys board games, hiking, cooking, and losing at chess to his former debate partner.

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