Education & Background

Eleazar is a third-year law student at the University of Kansas School of Law in Lawrence, Kansas. Eleazar graduated from the University of Kansas in Lawrence in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Rhetoric and a bachelor’s in Philosophy. He was raised on two continents and considers home to be the place where his family happens to be at the present.


  • While at Fey LLC, Eleazar has developed skills and knowledge relating to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, particularly data transfers to third countries; California’s Consumer Privacy Act; U.S. federal and state privacy laws; and US federal and state marketing laws.
  • Eleazar collaborates with attorneys on reviewing and updating compliance procedures, privacy policies, and data sharing agreements. Eleazar also provides careful research and analysis of privacy related inquiries and issues.
  • Before working at Fey LLC, Eleazar worked as a legal intern for a family lawyer, a criminal defense firm, a trust and estate firm, and a municipal courthouse.

More About Eleazar

Eleazar is proficient in elementary-level French. In his spare time, Eleazar likes to garden, long board, and play complex tabletop games with friends.

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