Fey|LLC partners with you to unleash the potential of your people, processes and technology. We are your trusted advisors; the information governance solution belongs to you.

At Fey|LLC, we will work closely with you and your team to design and implement practical, cost-effective information governance solutions suited for your specific needs. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor and an extension of your team. We understand that an information governance program is not about changing the identity of your company. Rather, an effective information governance strategy unleashes the power of your people, processes and technology.

People: An effective information governance strategy must take into account the people and business culture involved. We take time to listen to leaders and stakeholders throughout your company because we know from experience that an effective information governance program requires broad buy-in and participation. When employees throughout the organization work together, the company achieves significantly greater information governance results.

Processes: There is no point in spending valuable time and energy developing policies, procedures and processes that cannot or will not be effectively implemented. We work hard to ensure we understand your company—from your litigation and regulatory profiles to the effectiveness of your current information governance policies, procedures, and processes to how to best train and monitor the compliance of your employees. We develop information governance and compliance policies, procedures, schedules and processes specifically designed to fit your unique business needs, legal obligations and corporate culture.

Technology: Technology, when used well, enables you to take your information governance efforts to another level. But there is no one-size-fits-all technology solution. Unfortunately, buying a great technology product does not ensure the right fit. We recognize that you have your own budgetary requirements, risk profile and infrastructure. We work with you to assess your technology needs, develop RFPs, participate in product demonstrations and implement the chosen solutions. As independent advisors, our role is to help you find and implement the technological solutions you need—solutions that complement your people and processes.

We understand that, even within the same industry, each company is unique. We look forward to meeting your company’s people and getting to know your business culture.

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