Laura Clark Fey presented Lessons Learned from Recent Data Breaches & Ten Critical Steps to Reduce Your Organization’s Risk of Becoming the Next Data Breach Victim at the Association of Corporate Counsels, Mid-America Chapter, on October 9, 2019, at Omaha, Nebraska.

Huge data breaches continue to make headlines. Billions of personal data records have been breached to date in this year alone (and the year isn’t even over). In this presentation, Laura Clark Fey, one of the first 27 U.S. attorneys recognized as Privacy Law Specialists (IAPP) and Principal of Fey LLC, a global data privacy and information governance law firm, discussed recent data breaches in the news. For each data breach, she provided information about the personal data that was breached; discussed causes of the breach; addressed the consequences for the entity that was breached; and provided key lessons to take away from each breach. She concluded her presentation by providing 10 critical steps organizations can take to lower their risks of becoming the next data breach targets.