Value-Driven Approach to Fees

  • Our constant goal is to provide our clients with excellent work product and advice for exceptional value. With every project, we strive to assist our clients in reducing their information governance risk exposure while controlling their legal costs. We offer a variety of fee approaches, from traditional hourly rates to a variety of alternative fee arrangements.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

  • We work with our clients to find the fee paradigm that best suits their needs. We have had success with a variety of alternative fee arrangements, and we would be happy to discuss any alternative fee arrangement in which you have an interest.
Per-Project Fees

  • We offer our clients project-based fixed fees for projects that can be appropriately scoped before project initiation. We have entered into per-project fixed fee arrangements for a variety of information governance projects, ranging from data privacy risk assessments to preparation of records retention schedules and a variety of information governance policies and procedures to information governance training projects.

Fixed Fees for Set Accounting Period

  • Some of our clients who desire our assistance with large volumes of ongoing information governance work prefer a fixed fee approach covering a set accounting period. Under this type of arrangement, we reach agreement with our clients on the desired scope of work and on the amount of legal fees to be billed for that work during the set accounting period, whether quarterly, bi-annual or annual. Our fees for such work are typically billed in monthly installments. At the beginning of the next accounting period, we work with our clients to determine the appropriate fixed fee for that accounting period.

“Menu Pricing”

  • As requested, we offer our clients a “menu” of information governance offerings with set pricing for each offering. Such menu offerings may include discounted prices for selected groupings of menu offerings.

Blended Rates

  • Our lawyers have different levels of experience and seniority. For certain types of work, we offer a single blended hourly rate for all lawyers working on the project or matter.


  • We are amenable to overall discounts or discounted rates covering larger volumes of work, as well as percentage discounts for particularly prompt invoice payments.
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